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Introducing the fNIRS 2024 logo

fNIRS 2024 is exactly 1 year away and what better occasion than this to reveal the fNIRS 2024 logo. We hope you like it!

In collaboration with the Center for Human Brain Health from the University of Birmingham, a logo competition was held locally. The winner logo has been designed by PhD student, Shareefa al Amer. In the words of the designer, “I enjoyed designing this logo. Once I learned about the competition, I began researching some background knowledge on the topic (functional Near Infrared spectroscopy) and took a look at the previous logos. I aimed to capture the essence of the topic as well as the spirit of UoB. The main elements in this design include a brain illustration coloured with the visible spectrum colours, with Old Joe centred between the two brain hemispheres. The UoB skyline is incorporated to separate the logo from the conference name, which is also coloured in the visible spectrum.”

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