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Minicourse EDEP-ML03

Introduction to real-time fNIRS: pre-processing, analysis and exploration of real-world applications

Michael Lührs

with Bettina Sorger

About this course

In this workshop, attendees will gain insights into designing and conducting real-time fNIRS experiments, employing Turbo-Satori for immediate analysis. Through a live demonstration of an example experiment, we will highlight the capabilities and prospects of using fNIRS in Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) applications, reflecting the workshop’s focus on pre-processing, analysis, and exploration of real-world applications.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the basic principles and challenges involved in real-time functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) analysis.
  • Acquire skills in designing and performing experiments using real-time fNIRS, including setting up the equipment, selecting appropriate tasks, and managing data collection in real-time.
  • Knowledge of the necessary pre-processing steps required to prepare real-time fNIRS data for analysis, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the results.
  • Insight into the analysis of real-time fNIRS data, including the use of software tools like Turbo-Satori, and the interpretation of outcomes for Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) applications.
  • Exploration of how real-time fNIRS technology is applied in practical scenarios, particularly in the development of BCI systems, through a live demonstration showcasing the potential and versatility of fNIRS in various applications.
  • Practical experience in conducting a real-time fNIRS experiment, from the initial design phase through to the analysis of data, providing a comprehensive understanding of the workflow and challenges in real-time fNIRS research.

    By the end of the workshop, participants will have a solid foundation in the technical and practical aspects of real-time fNIRS, equipped with the knowledge and skills to apply these techniques in their own research or development projects.

Course Plan

Level: Introductory

Pre-Requisites: None
Course Duration: 2 hours

Delivery Plan

Introduction to Real-Time fNIRS (25 minutes)
Designing a Real-Time Experiment (15 minutes)
10-Minute Break
Hands-on Pre-Processing and Analysis (35 minutes)
Real-Time fNIRS BCI Demonstration (25 minutes)
Q&A and Wrap-Up (10 minutes)

Why enrol on this course?

The workshop will begin by addressing the complexities and prerequisites of conducting real-time analysis, setting a foundational understanding for participants. Following this, attendees will actively engage in the design and execution of a simulated real-time experiment, demonstrating the practical application of theoretical concepts. The workshop will conclude with a live demonstration of a real-time fNIRS-based Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), showcasing the integration of pre-processing and analysis skills in developing real-world applications.