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Minicourse EDEP-MA06

From fNIRS experiment design to group analysis using the Satori software

NIRx Medical Technologies

with Michael Lühers, Armin Heinecke, and Giovanni Hering

About this course

This minicourse kicks off with a refresher on fNIRS fundamentals, followed by well-established considerations for experimental design and data acquisition. We will perform a live data acquisition and discuss the main components of fNIRS, signal quality, and artefacts. After that, we will provide a hands-on analysis exercise using the freely available Satori EDU software. The participants will be guided through several ways of visualizing their results and the impact of different preprocessing pipelines in the final statistics. The last part of the minicourse moves on to analysis strategies tailored for specific research inquiries, showcasing single- and multi-subject analysis within Satori. The session culminates in an interactive discussion and Q&A session, analyzing results and exploring practical ways to present your findings.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to conduct and analyse data from fNIRS experiments using the established community guidelines and state-of-the-art methods.

Course Plan

Level: Introductory

Pre-Requisites: None
Course Duration: 3 hours

Delivery Plan


Why enrol on this course?

One challenge of every research is to define an experimental paradigm and which analysis will be better suited to answer your research question. The goal of the mini-course is to cover the main challenges in fNIRS experimental design, data acquisition and analysis according to the best practices in the field.