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Minicourse EDEP-DP07

Real-time fNIRS data quality assessment and extraction of complementary physiological markers

Artinis Medical Systems

with Daphne van der Putte and other colleagues

About this course

In this workshop, we present recent advancements in Artinis-developed software solutions and implemented algorithms for real-time (i) data quality assessment and (ii) extracting additional physiological markers from high-sample-rate fNIRS data, typically exceeding 50 Hz. In the first part, we introduce newly developed data acquisition methods and signal quality index algorithms designed for real-time assessment. We will show how this solution is implemented in data acquisition software and can asses the quality in real time of data from up to 30 participants simultaneously. The algorithms quantitatively evaluate data quality by integrating IMU data analysis, enabling operators to identify and understand the reasons behind low-quality data and facilitating informed corrective actions. In the second part, we demonstrate how to extract additional physiological markers, such as heart rate and respiratory rate, from fNIRS data to complement brain activity analysis. We will explain how this can help you explore new ways to use the data that can support your findings on brain activity.

Learning Outcomes

  • By gaining insights into data quality issues, participants will be equipped to take informed corrective actions to improve the reliability of their fNIRS measurements.
  • Participants will learn what solutions are available for measuring up to 30 participants simultaneously.
  • Participants will learn how to effectively extract and interpret physiological markers, enhancing the depth and breadth of their fNIRS data analysis capabilities.

Course Plan

Level: Introductory

Pre-Requisites: None
Course Duration: 3 hours

Delivery Plan

10 min: Introduction
15 min: Overview of available software and algorithms for analysing fNIRS data
30 min: Presentation, demonstration and discussion on the newest software solutions for data acquisition
15 min: Presentation on the acquisition of large data sets (up to 30 participants)
10 min: Short break
45 min: Presentation, demonstration and discussion on the extraction of physiological markers
45 min: Hands-on session with the devices and software
10 min: Questions and discussion

Why enrol on this course?

As fNIRS technology continues to advance, there is a need for robust software solutions and algorithms that can efficiently assess the quality of acquired data in real-time and extract valuable physiological information beyond brain activity. This workshop will introduce participants to new software solutions and a new signal quality index algorithm developed by Artinis, specifically designed for real-time assessment of fNIRS data. These solutions can also be used when measuring large data sets, such as in classroom settings or team sport activities. In addition, it will demonstrate the possibility of extracting additional physiological markers, such as heart rate and respiratory rate, from high-sample-rate fNIRS data.