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Minicourse EDDA-TH14

Introduction to the Brain AnalyzIR Toolbox

Theodore Huppert

About this course

This course will be an introduction to the Brain AnalyzIR (NIRS+) toolbox. This will cover basic preprocessing and first and second-level statistical models. Emphasis will be placed on how to use the tools.

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn:

  • How to install and check the fNIRS toolbox;
  • How to generate simulated data as well as load their own files;
  • How to prepare data for analysis including event marks and demographics information;
  • How to run first and second (group) level statistical models and visualize results.

Course Plan

Level: Introductory

Pre-Requisites: None
Course Duration: 2 hours

Delivery Plan


Why enrol on this course?

This course is intended to give a basic introduction to the toolbox covering the practical “how-to” aspects. Students should leave the course with the ability to run basic analyses for their own data.