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Minicourse EDDA-HN18

Introduction to FC-NIRS: A Comprehensive Tool for fNIRS Data Preprocessing and Functional Network Analysis

Haijing Niu

with Zhenyan Hu, Baiqiang Zhang

About this course

This workshop is designed to equip participants with the knowledge necessary to conduct brain network analysis with resting-state fNIRS data. It offers an in-depth understanding of the intrinsic functional connectivity patterns and the network organizational architecture observed during spontaneous resting-state brain activity. Through practical sessions, attendees will gain proficiency in using the FC-NIRS software, enhancing their ability to preprocess resting-state fNIRS data, and conduct functional connectivity calculations and topological network analysis.

Learning Outcomes

  • Comprehend the fundamental principles of processing resting-state fNIRS data, including filtering, removal of motion artifacts and global noise.
  • Develop the ability to assess fNIRS data quality using metrics such as signal-to-noise ratio, functional connectivity, and frequency spectrum analysis.
  • Gain insights into the small-world properties of functional brain networks and learn to compute both global and local network metrics, including clustering coefficient, characteristic path length, and network efficiency.
  • Discover the practical applications and research implications of fNIRS functional networks.
  • Engage in hands-on training with the FC-NIRS software, starting from preprocessing of resting-state fNIRS raw data to the construction and topological analysis of brain networks, ensuring a comprehensive mastery of both fNIRS preprocessing and brain network analysis.

Course Plan

Level: Introductory

Pre-Requisites: The course requires FC-NIRS installed (click here to download; detailed instructions below)
Course Duration: 2 hours

Delivery Plan

60 min: Theoretical introduction to graph theory-based brain network analysis.
60 min: Practical session on FC-NIRS, covering resting-state fNIRS preprocessing, quality control, functional connectivity calculation, and brain network analysis.

Why enrol on this course?

This workshop provides a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in fNIRS preprocessing, quality control, functional connectivity calculation, and topological network analysis. Participants will emerge with the capability to efficiently process resting-state fNIRS data and perform comprehensive functional connectivity calculation and topological network analysis.

Software Installation

Our FC-NIRS software is available for download at Here, you can access both the software and its user manual. Please ensure that you select version 3.0 for download, as this is the version we will be presenting at the minicourse. The software is provided in .exe format, making installation as simple as downloading the installer package and running the setup program; no additional software or commands are necessary. We highly recommend using the Windows operating system, as there are compatibility issues between Matlab software and the latest Mac chips. Installing on a Mac system may result in issues such as blurry fonts in the software.

Thank you once again for your interest in our software. We eagerly anticipate your download and use, and we will offer detailed explanations at the minicourse. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at