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SfNIRS community awards

First given during fNIRS 2022 in Boston, this award honours outstanding service to the fNIRS community.

About the Award

With this award, the Society for functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy would like to honor a member for their outstanding service to our community. Such service could be in various fields of our community, including:

  • Educating community members
  • Standardization of equipment, software, or data
  • Organizing events
  • Advancing the Society in other ways

The award includes a certificate and a cash prize.

Nomination deadline: June 14th, 2024.

Nominations will be evaluated by the Award Committee with the final selection made by the SfNIRS Board of Directors

The award will be announced at the fNIRS 2024 biennial meeting

Terms of the Award

  • The candidate must be a member of the Society for fNIRS
  • The candidate must provide evidence of sustained activity in fNIRS research
  • A candidate who is unsuccessful in any given year can be re-nominated in a subsequent year if the candidate meets the award criteria in the year of nomination


Members of the Society can be nominated or nominate themselves. There is no age restriction for this award.

A full nomination package must contain:

  • A nomination letter, which states the reasons for the candidates for this award
  • A curriculum vitae of maximum 3 pages
  • A list of 25 most important publications
  • Additional letters of support are allowed

Nominations with an incomplete package will not be considered

Nominations must be sent to by June 14th, 2024.