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Educational Course

Educational Course

Call for Minicourses

Building upon previous fNIRS conferences, we plan to run an Educational Course before the main event. The workshop will feature a variety of in-person minicourses aimed at delivering an engaging learning opportunity to propagate useful fNIRS tools & practices built from within the community at different levels.

If you have a topic that you feel would be interesting to broadcast to our fNIRS community, please submit a minicourse proposal here.

Preference will be given to minicourses with a strong educational component, particularly those incorporating practical, hands-on components.

There is no compensation for giving the minicourses, and for-profit organisations are required to contribute a $950 fee per session, which will be allocated towards supporting lunches and coffee breaks during the workshop.

Deadline for Proposal Submission: 01 March 2024

Educational Course: 11-12 September 2024